Two distributions, probable short covering rally

Anomalies in the market profile chart are often repaired, or traded back through, soon after they are created. Wednesdays balance and Thursdays rally traded back through the multiple anomalies in the profile following the April 24th selloff. Thursday’s (4/26) market profile chart also left a poor high at 2675.50, closing just off the high of day.

short covering rally

Depending on where price opens in regards to areas of balance, potential trading scenarios could include:

– Look above or below a balance and accelerate/find acceptance

– Look above or below a balance and fail, targeting the opposite end

– Remain in balance

Prior wide “naked” (not yet revisited) points of control can act as price magnets, often drawing price back to them. There are very prominent points of control both above and below Thursday’s range.

market profile daily charts

Focusing on the two separate distributions in Thursday’s profile, price acceptance within the upper balance would probably have decent odds of repairing the poor high, and potentially re-testing the high from 4/24, and if the market remains strong price could target the upper excess single prints from the 4/20 profile.

Carrying past information forward, the high from 4/19 at 2703.50 was mechanically just a single tick shy of filling the gap from 4/18, and the very wide naked point of control from the 4/18 profile at at 2714.00 has not been revisted. The prior weekly high is at 2718.00.

split view market profile chart
Split view market profile chart 4/26/18

If price opens in or finds acceptance back inside Thursday’s lower distribution, below the pull back low at 2663.75, the lower excess single prints in the profile could be tested, followed by the small gap at Wednesday’s high at 2645.00. Acceptance back into the 4/25 range could target the 10 TPO wide naked point of control at 2629.50.

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