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Consecutive Inside Days, Points of Control

inside day market profile chart
Consecutive inside days, Back to backe points of control.

An inside day within the price range of the prior day’s inside range.

There is a poor high on the 10/12 profile chart.

Price could be drawn back to the back-to-back wide points of control at 2965.25 at some point.

A breakout of either side of balance is possible. A failed breakout of balance could potentially target the opposite end of that balance.

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Inside Day Following Outside Day

Short covering early following price opening at the previous two day balance low.

inside day following outside day - market profile chart
Inside day following the prior outside day

Traditional market profile references are not as reliable in instances of short covering. Wednesday’s late spike base was of little significance as price one timeframed higher to begin the trading session. The one timeframing higher stopped in H period, and price reversed and continued to one timeframe lower for the remainder of the day trading session.

Thursday’s profile left multiple anomalies. Often at least some anomalies in a multi-anomaly profile structure are revisited the day after, or soon thereafter, they are created. The low from Wednesday remains questionable, being exactly at the half back level from the 9/18 profile.

Inside day following outside day to the downside
Anomalies in profile from 9/27, inside day
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