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Day trading can be a lonely game, and it appears that most “trade rooms” out there are just pushing their overpriced, gimmicky and mostly useless “red is a sell / green is a buy” garbage indicators or other worthless techniques to day trade the eminis. After spending any amount of time in most of these rooms it isn’t hard to surmise the REAL reason for them – the owners or creator of the rooms either can’t trade, don’t trade, or mislead their subscribers about their trades. And good luck ever trying to get any of them to PROVE they’re really trading with REAL MONEY. It’s fairly obvious that these hucksters are probably just trying to make back what they lost trying to trade on their own or in other rooms in the past.

Why ES-Traders.com? After searching for years I could never find a FREE place where traders can openly share market generated information and related day trading techniques, and how to trade based on market structure. The hopes of this website is to encourage traders to freely share trade ideas, techniques, locations and anything else they want to related to daytrading the S&P 500 eminis.

Future plans include a message board and a chat room, free of course, where you can discuss trading related information with other like-minded people.

Please let us know if there is something else you would like to see, features we can add now, to make your visit to ES-Traders.com more enjoyable.

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