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Wide POC, Poor low in Profile Chart

Lower case ‘b’ shaped profile with excess at the high and a poor low on Monday:

wide point of control and poor low in market profile chart
Wide point of control, poor low in market profile chart

Depending on where price opens, early focus could be on Monday’s wide point of control at 2790.00, and the CME settle (June contract) at 2789.00

b shape market profile chart

June contract

If price opens within range the POC/close could act as early short term support or resistance. Price acceptance above the prior settle could target Monday’s excess high.

Removing the excess with price acceptance above Monday’s high could target the high from 2/2 at 2812.75 and potentially the first unfilled gap above Monday’s profile at 2817.25. Filling that gap could target the wide POC from 2/1 at 2828.50 and the top of the three day range/balance (1/30, 1/31, 2/1) and near matching highs at 2844.75. There is also an unfilled gap from 1/29 at 2856.50

Although value ended the day as overlapping to higher, it was migrating lower during the day session. If price opens below or trades through the wide POC in Monday’s profile there is probably good likelihood the poor low in the profile would be repaired.

Acceptance below Monday’s poor low could target the poor structure to repair at least some of the remaining anomalies in the 3/9 profile. There is an unfilled gap to the downside from 3/8 at 2756.25.

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