Inside, Balancing Day Within 5 Day Trading Range

5 day balance, inside day
Inside day inside of a five day trading range

Value developed as overlapping to lower Thursday after price sold off from exactly at the prior day’s very wide point of control, trading into Wednesday’s late lower excess.

Split-view Market Profile Chart 7-22-18:

overlapping to lower value areas
Overlapping to lower value area

Developing value could be an indication of attempted price direction on Friday. Thursday’s upper value area is just above the midpoint of the 5 day range.

With the inside day, possible balance trading scenarios could see price:

  • Remain in balance (which could include slightly extending Thursday’s range on either side)
  • Look above or below the one day balance and accelerate / find acceptance at higher or lower prices, potentially targeting the 5 day range high or low
  • Look above or below Thursday’s range and fail to find acceptance, returning back into the balance. The potential would still exist to test the opposite extreme of the 5 day range.

Depending on where price opens, especially if a gap opening on Friday (good oods with recent overnight volatility) the same scenarios could apply regarding the 5 day balance: Look above or below the range and accelerate/find acceptance, look above or below and fail (returning back into range), or remain within the 5 day balance.

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