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Es – Look Below Six Day Balance, Short Cover Back Into Range

With overnight inventory 100% short below the previous close, an open-drive lower at the start of Thursday’s pit session left a string of excess single prints in the opening period. Selling accelerated in B period with price breaking below the low of the current 6 day balance at 2255.

Split view market profile chart:

With no early acceptance back into the previous day’s range and no immediate correction to the short overnight inventory, the ES one timeframed lower for the first four periods, but the early decline did not appear to bring in heavier selling volume and the point of control widened to 5 TPO’s wide at 2254, preventing downside continuation. NYSE daily volume was just 3.46 billion.

Price reentered the previous range and six day balance when the F period bar accelerated though the high of the less than three point inside bar in E period, short covering back through the earlier A/B period single prints. The market one timeframed higher for seven consecutive periods off the D period low.

The point of control migrated higher throughout the day, value finished the session overlapping to lower.

Depending on Friday’s open, the late pullback low at 2262.25 could provide short term support.

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Liquidation in ES Trades Through September Weak Lows

Liquidation break in the ES Tuesday coming off the U.S. Columbus Day Holiday. High confidence, directional selling from the opening bell was not accompanied with heavy NYSE volume.


The first 30 minute (A) period left a lot of excess single prints on somewhat light NYSE volume, and the B period bounce high was sold exactly from the previous day’s close, indications of short term liquidation and probably not early signs of a more significant selling rally getting underway.

But the selling continued from the previous close, with price one timeframing lower through D period as day and short term momentum traders piled on, trading through the prior pit session low and the poor low from October 4th.

After balancing for a few periods, the attempted rally in G period failed exactly at the B period single print, and price sold off again resuming the one timeframing lower through J period where the market repaired the succession of weak September lows (as noted in some of our previous posts), and eventually repairing the poor low from September 16th at 2123.00.


Total NYSE volume for the session was very low, at just 3.37 billion, in comparison to the large point move in the ES.

The selloff left multiple anomalies in Tuesdays’s profile. Some or all anomalies left from emotionally driven, stretched out market profiles are often at least partially repaired in either the next trading session or one soon after.

An important combined trading reference for Wednesday could be Tuesday’s late rally high/point of control at 2135.00, which was just two ticks above the close. Acceptance above 2135.00 could target Tuesday’s G period rally high, followed by the 2143.25 single print, and possibly some of the excess single prints from Tuesday’s A period excess.

Failing to find acceptance above 2135.00 could potentially see a retest of Tuesday’s low. Acceptance below 2121.75 could bring into play the back to back similar daily lows at 2112.00/2111.75 from September 13/14.

(the above post and every post on es-traders.com is an interpretation of market generated information using the Market Profile, and the information contained within is to be used for informational purposes only and not to be construed as investment or trading advice. Please read our disclaimer)

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ES Rally Off Overnight Low Leads to Outside Day

After a volatile premarket session following the U.S. Presidential Debate, the ES pit session opened within two ticks above its previous low, quickly accelerated lower to two ticks below the overnight low, and reversed back into and through the previous day’s trading range. Price was not accepted below Monday’s low.

The low at 2132.75 added another potential weak layer to the grouping of the similar lows from 9/19 – 9/21.


After a volatile first three periods the ES rallied in D period, one timeframing higher through I period before stopping exactly at the overnight session high at 2154.00.

Tuesday’s point of control migrated higher throughout the session with value developing overlapping to higher from the previous day.

Price was accepted above Monday’s high, briefly dipping back into the previous range in M period but reversed and rallied back to the high into the close.

The M period pullback low at 2148.75 could be an important short term trading reference on Wednesday. Acceptance below the single print at 2148.50 could see price rotate back through Tuesday’s lower distribution.

Acceptance above the 2148.75 late pullback low could easily test Tuesday’s high, which could be considered a weak high because it was also exactly at the overnight high. Acceleration and/or acceptance above 2154.00 could easily test the prior trading range high at 2158.00. There are also two naked points of control at 2162.50 and 2169.25.

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