Consecutive Inside Days, Points of Control

inside day market profile chart
Consecutive inside days, Back to backe points of control.

An inside day within the price range of the prior day’s inside range.

There is a poor high on the 10/12 profile chart.

Price could be drawn back to the back-to-back wide points of control at 2965.25 at some point.

A breakout of either side of balance is possible. A failed breakout of balance could potentially target the opposite end of that balance.

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End to Monthly One Time Framing Higher

end to monthly one time framing higher S&P 500 Futures
ES Monthly chart

The five consecutive months of one timeframing higher was broken Monday as price liquidated below the September low. The odds are increasing fora larger potential change in the market.

short covering after repairing poor low on market profile daily chart
Rout of the trading range. Short covering after cleaning up the prior day’s poor no excess low
Poor profile structure within Monday’s range and the above market profile charts. Multiple single prints were left in the market profile charts above current price.
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Youll never look at the markets the same way again